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With MapInfo® Professional v12.0 we make it even easier to visualize potential whether it's customer analysis, the ideal location for a new bank branch, or assessing insurance risk. MapInfo Professional v12.0 key features include:

  • Extensively improved labelling capabilities make it quicker and easier to create great looking maps.
  • Improvements to the scalebar display options, including transparent backgrounds.
  • Easier printing to specific cartographic scales, further improvements to the Cartographic Legend window and improvements to the Layout window.
  • Improved data access on many fronts: Support for PostGIS v2.0 and SQLite.  Improved support for Microsoft SQL Server®. Support for WFS v1.1 and a much improved new Quick Translator for importing/exporting spatial data formats.
  • New PolyBuilder tool for easily creating polygons from digitised linework.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows® 8.

For those of you using older versions of MapInfo Professional here are some of the major enhancements from recent versions:

  • An all new Legend Designer window for fast and easy creation of beautiful cartographic legends for your map windows.
  • Increased use of RAM (computer memory) when running on Windows 64 bit systems.
  • Search data catalogues from around the world with the built in Catalog Browser.
  • Built in access to Microsoft® Bing imagery layers and other tile servers.
  • Share your maps with as Geo-registered PDF files.
  • An all new Table List window for quick access to many commands and easy operations on multiple tables.
  • Integration with other solutions from the MapInfo GIS Suite including publishing maps to web users via MapInfo Stratus and integration with MapInfo Manager for maintaining your organisations library of spatial data.

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