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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
August 2015 Volume 4, Issue 2
Having a good…
Tom Probert At some point each year I’m always tempted to reveal my northern hemisphere bias and mention “summer” in a headline or article. We’ve got plenty of readers “below” the equator and you are all welcome to call me out should I make that mistake. But in any event, I hope you are all enjoying whatever season it is wherever you are!!
This issue brings an article about returning licenses. It is a relatively easy topic but might be worth mentioning to your IT department if you are not the person managing your MapInfo Pro installation. We’ve got continuing coverage of MapInfo Pro v15.0 with an article that provides detail on the Smart Indexing capability. This is a change to MapInfo Pro that can dramatically improve performance for some editing operations. This capability will also appear in v15.2 (our next 64 bit release) scheduled for late October.

For the “Rummaging in the Toolbox” section, I rummaged in the archives and have pulled out an article from May 2012 on the very useful Spider Graph tool There are about 10x the number of subscribers now so this will be new material for most of you!

The next Big Thing is MapInfo Pro Raster (soon to be renamed “MapInfo Pro Advanced”). An extended preview programme is available for the first release. Check out the article for info on how you can try MapInfo Pro Raster and learn about the dynamic grid coloring capabilities.

Sensei Peter Moeller returns to the Developer Dojo to continue his series on programming with MapBasic. Peter has drawn on his extensive experience to provide four key topics every MapBasic developer should know.

As always, please forward this to any MapInfo Pro users who might benefit from learning more about the software.

Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
2015 Location Intelligence World Tour
Check out the latest developments on the USA Tour!
We are taking the show on the road across six cities in the USA. Come learn about the latest developments and swap ideas with other practitioners! For more info and to register check out this blog post here.
Easy Tip: Return your license!
EZ This is a short article that explains how to return a license. This is important if you have MapInfo Pro installed on a computer and you no longer plan to use the software.

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The Workspace Explorer
64bit The Workspace Explorer includes a lot of very powerful capabilities. Check out this video tutorial for a good overview.
The Developer Dojo: Four Typical Questions when writing MapBasic
Featured Link Sensei Peter Moeller is back in the Dojo with a handy article to help MapBasic programmers. Peter has reflected on his extensive experience to come up with four key topics to share with you.

Click here to read on …
MapInfo Pro v15: Faster editing operations with Smart Indexing!
Featured Link MapInfo Pro v15.0 provides a new Smart Indexing capability. This can reduce the time needed to complete editing operations.

Check this article out to get the most from this new capability.
Get on the grid with MapInfo Pro Raster! A look at the powerful grid colouring capabilities
MI Pro Raster This is about more than just choosing a nice set of colors. Check out how you can dynamically interact with your grid to visualise and analyse your data. what is coming with MapInfo Pro Raster.
Rummaging in the Toolbox: Connect the dots with the Spider Graph Tool
Toolbox Want to visually represent connections between students and schools, customers and stores, doctors and patients, or other related sets of point data?

Check out the Spider Graph tool!
Featured Link: Summary of resources
Featured Link This journal has provided a number of useful links across many issues. We got a suggestion to compile them on to a single page and Elliot Cox, one of our Product Managers . We’ll update this from time to time.

Click here for lots of resources to help you use MapInfo Pro.
MapInfo Pro Version 15 and 15.2
Featured Link MapInfo Pro v15.0 is our latest 32 bit release. The localised versions for this release are planned to come out between August and October. MapInfo Pro v15.2 is our next 64 bit release and is planned for late October. We decided to call this release v15.2 to avoid confusion when patch releases are made available.
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Bad Geography joke

Teacher: What is the axis of the earth?

Student: The axis of the earth is an imaginary line which passes from one pole to the other, and on which the earth revolves.

Teacher: Very good. Now, could you hang clothes on that line?

Student: Yes, Sir.

Teacher: Indeed, and what sort of clothes?

Student: Imaginary clothes, Sir.
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.5.2 patch (for 32 bit MI Pro)
- MI Pro v12.5.4 patch (for 64 bit MI Pro)
- MI Pro v15.0 (32 bit)

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v15.2 (64 bit) Oct 2015
- Patches for both v15.0 and v15.2 to be scheduled.
Localisation schedule for v15.0 (32 bit)

See article for schedule!
Version 12.5 64 bit Localised Releases

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015
Super Quick Keyboard Tip (64 bit version):

Use Ctrl+Shift+D to toggle map redraws on and off
Super Quick Mouse Tip: (64 bit version):

Right-click in a Map window to use the Mini-toolbar.
Useful Links

Need help from our experts?

Free trial of both the 64 bit release of v12.5 or the 32-bit release of v15.0

Summary of Resources
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