Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal

Easy tip: Opening an Excel (or text) file for editing

ez Here is a quick tip to easily make a copy of an Excel table as you open it. This is handy if you are working with Excel data but require the ability to edit the data. This will also work with CSV, delimited ASCII text files and Lotus 1-2-3 format data as well.

1. From the File menu, click Open to display the Open dialog box.

2. In the Files of type drop-down list, select Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Delimited ASCII (*.txt), Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk1, *.wks, *.wk3, *.wk4), or Comma Delimited CSV (*.csv) to display the list of available files of these types only. 

Note the option to Create copy in MapInfo format for read/write. 

3. Select a file from the list and select the Create copy in MapInfo format for read/write to open it in native (.tab) format. 

4. Click Open to open the file. 

This tip requires MapInfo Professional v8.0 or later.