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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
October 2015 Volume 4, Issue 4
Breaking down barriers!
Tom Probert This issue is coming out just before the release of v15.2 (our next 64 bit version). There is a whole lot to cover in the release. We’ve provided an overview in previous issues so now it is time to get into some detail. One of the major work areas is around removing some long standing limitations in MapInfo Pro.
You’ll find in v15.2 that you can work with Unicode data and create tables larger than 2 GB. And to compliment the support for larger datasets we’ve made a number of performance improvements. Check out the article for more details!

Also this month is a another of our periodic surveys. It only has 9 questions and it is a big help if you all take a couple of minutes to answer them. You will also find a time saving easy tip for those of you who work with Excel or text data and are always saving a copy of the data. Our coverage of MapInfo Pro Advanced (the first release was called MapInfo Pro Raster) continues with an article on the powerful capabilities to merge many grid files into a single dataset.

Are you considering the switch to the 64 bit version? We here at Pitney Bowes are working very hard to give you a lot of reasons to do so. If you are wondering about using your MapBasic applications in the 64 bit version, check out the “Rummaging in the Toolbox” article.

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Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
Please take our short survey
Survey Every so often I take the pulse of the user community with a short survey. In this edition there are only nine questions and it will only take a couple minutes to complete.

Please click here to fill it in.
Easy Tip: Open an Excel file for editing
EZ If you open Excel files (or text files) and then use the Save Copy As command, then you really need to check out this tip.

Click here to read on...
Rummaging in the Toolbox: Give your MapBasic applications a try!
Toolbox Considering the move to the 64 bit version? Do you have MapBasic applications that you need to use? You should give them a try. We have invested a lot of effort ensuring compatibility with existing MapBasic applications in the 64 bit interface.

To understand how and when this works, as well as the limitations, read on!
Breaking down barriers with v15.2!
64bit Have you ever had to break a MapInfo table into two because the data exceeded the 2 GB file size limit? Or have you needed to work with Unicode data (UTF-8 or UTF-16) character sets)? If yes, MapInfo Pro v15.2 brings good news. What’s more, to go with support for larger file sizes come important performance improvements.

Click here to read on...
Get on the grid with MapInfo Pro Advanced!
MI Pro Raster MapInfo Pro Advanced (formerly referred to as MapInfo Pro Raster) has very powerful conversion and merging capabilities. Check out this article to see how you can work with datasets of virtually unlimited size!
Featured Link: Web seminar! MapInfo Pro 64 bit - making the switch from 32 bit
Featured Link We are pleased to announce a web seminar to help you make the transition from to the new interface in the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro. This is a live session being repeated multiple times.

Click here to see the schedule.
MapInfo Pro Version 15 and 15.2
Featured Link MapInfo Pro v15.0 is our latest 32 bit release. The localised versions for this release are planned to come out between August and October. MapInfo Pro v15.2 is our next 64 bit release and is planned for late October. We decided to call this release v15.2 to avoid confusion when patch releases are made available.
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Tom Probert, Editor and MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
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Bad Geography joke

What always sits in the corner but moves all around the world?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.5.2 patch (for 32 bit MI Pro)
- MI Pro v12.5.4 patch (for 64 bit MI Pro)
- MI Pro v15.0 (32 bit)

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v15.2 (64 bit) 30th Oct 2015
- MI Pro v15.2 patch (Feb 2016)
Localisation schedule for v15.0 (32 bit)

See article for schedule!
Version 15.0 (32 bit) Localised Releases

Sept 2015

Oct 2015
Super Quick Keyboard Tip:

When using a cross hair cursor, press the “x” key for different size cursors.
Super Quick Mouse Tip:

Layout Designer: Press the Alt key and click the mouse to activate a map.
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