MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - October Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
October 2013 Volume 2, Issue 6
It's all about SCALE!
Tom Welcome to this month's issue! Craig Pinhorne-Smy, a first time contributor, debuts with "It's all about Scale", a discussion on considerations when sharing your mapping masterpiece with a large audience.

We also have another author debut in this issue. Nicola Hall, an expert trainer brings the Query Ninja back for an article on calculating the length of line objects.

We'll continue our coverage of MapInfo Professional v12.0 in the easy tip section and also have an overview of what is in the v12.0.2 patch. This was just released at the end of September.

Also, a survey conducted earlier this year indicated that roughly 30% of you did not know that MapInfo Professional has built in graphing and charting capabilities. So, to rectify this have dedicated this month's "Rummaging in the Toolbox" section to introduce the MapInfo Professional Graph window.


Tom Probert, MapInfo Professional Global Product Manager

The Data Aspect: It's all about SCALE.
mipro Broadcasting your spatial data to the masses is all about SCALE.

read on to see what the acronym stands for...
Be the Query Ninja - Calculating the length of line objects

This debut article from Nicola Hall shows how to use the ObjectLen() function to calculate the length of line objects.

Click here to learn more...

Easy Tip! Notifications in MapInfo Professional v12.0

MapInfo Professional v12.0 has introduced a new facility for you to receive notifications from Pitney Bowes Software. Read on to learn more about the types of notifications and how you can customise your choices for receiving this information.

Click here to see the details.

"Rummaging in the Toolbox": Creating graphs!

In a recent survey of MapInfo Professional users, including readers of this journal, 30% of you indicated you did not know about the graphing and charting capabilities.

This article provides an introduction to these capabilities.

What's new in the MapInfo Professional v12.0.2 maintenance release

By the time this issue is out the MapInfo Professional v12.0.2 maintenance release will be available. This release fixes a number of software issues and also includes a few useful enhancements, click hereto learn more.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with the Table Structure Manager

In our continuing series on what is new in MapInfo Professional v12.0, here is a tour of the Multiple Table Structure Manager.

Don't miss the last of the Six Traits

6 traits

The last of the Six Traits Web seminars is taking place on November 21st.

To see what the Six Traits story so far, check out this infographic.

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Bad Geography joke

What is the tidiest element on the map?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.0 June 2013
- MI Pro v12.0.1 July 2013 (for Windows 8 users only)
- MI Pro v12.0.2 September 2013

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v12.0.3 December 2013
- MI Pro v12.5 June 2014

Super Quick Keyboard Tips:

Press F4 to bring up a new Graph window.

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