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MapInfo Professional v12.0 - Scale bar improvements

64 bit MapInfo Professional v12.0 made improvements in different areas related to creating output. In previous issues we have covered improvements to labeling, the Layout window and the Legend Designer window. This article discusses the improvements made to the scale bar tool.

1) A "Smarter" Scale Bar!

MapInfo Professional now offers an option to automatically generate the scale bar at "nice" rounded numbers. This new option is turned on by default. In the example below the map will display a scale bar of 5km instead of the default value of 5.154.


2) Transparent backgrounds are now supported!

It is now possible to specify transparent backgrounds for your scale bars.


Below is an example of a scale bar without any background.


One more tidbit... Another cosmetic change to the scale bar is that it is now smarter about how much space it uses. In v11.5 and earlier releases the scale bar used up space whether or not the cartographic scale was represented. In the v11.5 example (above left) notice the unused white space at the bottom of the scale bar. Scale bars created in MapInfo Professional v12.0 will not.

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Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional"

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