MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - October Issue  
  Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
October 2012 Volume 1, Issue 7
Version 11.5 just got better! 
Tom This month will update you on the version 11.5.1 release of MapInfo Professional. This release brings a very nice improvement to the Legend Designer and the ability to open workspaces if a table is missing!

We continue the "Be the Query Ninja" series with a look at joining tables geographically and more. In this we will help you to build your SQL querying skills. 

Tom Probert, EMEA Product Marketing Manager

Version 11.5 just got better!

The MapInfo Professional v11.5.1 maintenance release is available for download. This release brings improved support for opening workspaces, improvements to the Legend Designer window and more. 

Click here for a quick overview.

Easy Tip! Use Enhanced Rendering to Make your Maps look better!

Some MapInfo Professional users might not be aware of the enhanced rendering settings in MapInfo Professional. These settings can help to make your maps look better on screen and when printed.

Read on if this is news to you too!

Be the Query Ninja! Joining Tables, part 2

We continue this series with a look at joining tables geographically. Read on to build your knowledge towards becoming a true Ninja master of SQL in MapInfo Professional. 

Click here for "Joining Tables, part 2"

One from the Archives: The SpiderGraph tool!!

In the May 2012 issue we highlighted the SpiderGraph tool. We had far fewer subscribers back then and very few people read the article. So we thought we should dust it off and present it to all of you again! 

Click here to view the archive

Featured Link: Try MapInfo Stratus free for 30 days!

MapInfo Stratus represents the next generation of web mapping. With Stratus, you can provide the non-GIS experts in your organisation access to the data they need, in a format they can use. 

To learn more or sign up for a free 30 day trial, please see the following:

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If you are in Europe Middle East, Africa, India or the SAARC region, Click here

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Bad Geography joke

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Norway who?
Norway you should continue these jokes.

MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v11.5- June 2012
- MI Pro v11.5.1- September 2012

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v11.5.2- December 2012
- MI Pro v11.5.3- March 2013
MI Pro v12.0- June 2013

Version 11.5 available localised releases:
Released September 2012

Super Quick Keyboard Tip!

Press F2 to open a new Browser window.

Super Quick Mouse Tip!

In the Table List window, you can open a Browser window by right clicking on a table.

Featured Link: 
MapInfo Professional
v11.5 tutorials

Learn what's new in v11.5 with these three tutorials

Overview of v11.5
What's new in the Browser window
Introducing the Legend Designer window

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