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64 bit Two Easy Tips! Changing the title of a map window and recovering windows that are off the screen

Easy Tip 1: Recovering off-screen windows

If you have ever "lost" the Info tool, Ruler tool, Statistics or any other windows, this tip is for you! In MapInfo Professional v11.5 there is a new Recover Off Screen Windows command in the Window menu. 

To give an example of where this can be helpful - let's say you use MapInfo Professional on both a laptop and sometimes have a second external monitor. Let's also say that the resolution of your attached monitor is higher than the laptop. In effect, this means you have a larger screen area.

In this scenario if you use the Info tool and then save a workspace, it is possible for the stored location of the Info tool window to be off the screen of the laptop. Should you open the workspace without the monitor attached the info tool will not appear. The workspace instructions place it outside your viewable area. The menu command Window > Recover Off Screen Windows will move the window into the viewable area.

Extra note: This command does not open any windows that were not specified by the workspace. So, for example, if a workspace was not using the Ruler tool window the Restore Off Screen Windows command would not make the Ruler tool window appear. In other words it does not open windows, instead it moves windows that are already open but outside of the viewable area of your current monitor.

This is a new capability first introduced in MapInfo Professional v11.5. If you do not have MI Pro v11.5 and would like to download a 30 day free trial, click here.

Easy Tip 2: Changing the title of a Map window. No wait, any window!

Since not everyone has MapInfo Professional v11.5, I thought I would include another tip that pertains to older versions. The first part of this tip requires MapInfo Professional v10.0 (released in 2009) or later.

Using Layer Control, you can very easily change the title of a map window. The title for the map window appears above the list of layers. Right click on this to rename the map window. 

Right click on the title to rename a Map window.

What about renaming other windows?

There is a MapBasic tool which will allow you to rename Maps, Browsers, Layouts, Graph windows and Legend Designer windows. This tool first appeared in MapInfo Professional v7.5 (released in 2003).

First, click on Tools > Tool Manager and run the Window Manager tool. 

Then, click on Tools > Window Manager > Set Window Title...

The following dialog box will appear. Choose the window you wish to rename and click OK. You will be presented with a dialog to specify a new name. 

To set the Zoom Layering you need to access the Layer Properties dialog box. Here are two ways to do this. In Layer control either (1) Select the Layer and click the Layer Properties button or (2) double click the layer name. 


Whenever you rename a window, if you save a workspace, the workspace will "remember" the renamed window.

So there you have it. Two easy tips! Hope you find them helpful!

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional", Tom enjoys talking to MapInfo Professional users at conferences and events. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.