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Rummaging in the Toolbox: Window Helper version 2.0!

Editor's note: WindowHelper is an add-on for MapInfo Professional that provides a number of useful capabilities. This tool has been written by Peter Horsbøll Møller. Peter works for PB Software in Denmark as a Sales Engineer.


A new release of WindowHelper is now available.

If you are not familiar with WindowHelper, an article in the September issue introduces the WindowHelper v1.5 capabilities.

Click here to read up on the basics of WindowHelper.

New features in WindowHelper 2.0 include:

WindowHelper window
  • Buttons for zooming to first, previous, next and last view of a Map window
  • Newly designed icons
  • Button for accessing the Modify Window dialog
  • Modify Window now also has an OK button
  • The tools on the WindowHelper window now work on the active window
window helper

New menu items
  • New right click menu item in the Layer Control on the Map nodes
    • for zooming to the entire map
    • for setting the default view on all layers in the map
  • New right click menu items in the Layer Control on the Layer nodes
    • for locating the tab file or image of a layer
    • for opening the tab file in your preferred text editor
    • for closing the table of the layer
    • for setting the default view
  • New right click menu items in the Table List window on the Table nodes
    • for locating the tab file or image of a table
    • for opening the tab file in a text editor
  • New menu item in the right click menu of a layout window
    • for cloning the view
General improvements
  • Support for the new Legend Designer added to MapInfo Professional 11.5
  • The size of the WindowHelper window is now restored if the window is docked and set to Auto Hide
You can download WindowHelper 2.0 from our website. WindowHelper 2.0 requires MapInfo Professional 10.5.2 as a minimum

Don't have MapInfo Professional v10.5.2 or later?

If you are using an earlier version of MapInfo Professional you can download a 30 day free trial of v11.5 by clicking here.

Article by Peter Horsbøll Møller

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional" journal, Peter helps Pitney Bowes Software customers to get the most from their software and also enjoys fine whiskey and good cigars.