MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - May Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
May 2013 Volume 2, Issue 2
Welcome to the May 2013 issue
tom Back in March we conducted a survey where one of the questions was about the Redistricter window in MapInfo Professional. As fully 50% of those who responded did not know what this is, you will find an article on this topic below. In addition, the Query Ninja is back and we have a useful Easy Tip for you as well.

Finally, another short survey appears in this month's issue (it is only four questions). Please take a minute to reply.

Tom Probert, EMEA Product Marketing Manager

Please take our quick survey
mipro This is another short survey to gather your views. This time it is only four questions long! One way this info is used is to identify topics to cover in this journal.

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Easy Tip - Moving/combining layers from different Map windows using the Drag Map Window tool
ez tip

This tip will show you how to easily move map layers from one Map window to another using the very handy Drag Map Window tool. You will also get a couple of other tips along the way, too!

Click here to learn more.

Something a bit more Advanced: Redistricting - A hidden feature of MapInfo Professional®

In the March issue, we conducted a survey where we asked about the Redistricter window in MapInfo Professional. 50% of the respondents indicated that they did not know what the Redistricter is. Here is an article from Ashley Crane to introduce the topic. If you are not aware of this capability, you might want to have a look!

Click here to read on.

Be the Query Ninja

The Query Ninja is back with an instalment to show you how to select all of the records of a certain object type. For example, if you have a table with both lines and regions in it you can create a query to select only the lines. This capability is sometimes used to find errors in data.

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Bad Geography joke

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Yukon who?
Yukon never get bored of bad geography jokes!

MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v11.5.1- September 2012
- MI Pro v11.5.2- December 2012

- MI Pro v11.5.3- March (do not       use)
- MI Pro v11.5.4- April 2013

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v12.0- June 2013
- MI Pro v12.0.1- September 2013

Version 11.5 available localised releases:
Released September 2012
Released November 2012
Released December 2012
Released January 2013

Super Quick Keyboard Tips:

Use Alt+Left Arrow to zoom a Map or Layout to the previous view.

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