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Easy Tip! Ctrl+A: The quick and easy way to find a selected object in all windows

ez tip Imagine: you have selected a record in a Browser window and now you want to locate this object in your Map window.
To do so you can go to Query > Find Selection > In All Windows. Clicking this function will actually pan the Map window to show the selected object.

But hey, anyone who has ever been on a training course with me knows that I try to avoid the use of my mouse as much as possible. My hands are hanging above the keyboard, so why should I grab my mouse to browse through the Query menu, all the way down to Query > Find Selection > In All Windows?

To see the selected record in my Map window I just hit Ctrl+A (followed by Ctrl+Tab to switch from my Browser window to my Map window).

And it also works the other way around: if you select an object in your Map window and you hit Ctrl+A, the selected record will appear at the top of your Browser window.

In fact, Ctrl+A will even work when you have multiple Map windows open, because this shortcut helps you to find your selection in all open windows.


So, in MapInfo Professional Ctrl+A means Find Selection In All Windows.


Article by Egge-Jan Pollé, Training Consultant at Pitney Bowes Software

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional", Egge-Jan is either delivering training on MapInfo Professional and/or MapBasic or developing bespoke MapBasic tools. When not working he likes to walk in the countryside surrounding his little cottage in a picturesque Dutch village.