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Easy tip - Three Ways to Access Recently Used Files

ez Today's quick tip is something to help you quickly re-open MapInfo tables (or perhaps other files). If you are not aware of these tricks, we think you will find this info very handy! 

File > Recent Files 

To start with, there is a list of Recent Used files that you can find in the File menu. This will contain the 10 most recently opened tables, workspaces or MapBasic programmes you have run. 

recent files

A technical detail: Only files accessed directly through MapInfo Professional will appear in this list. For example, if you open a table by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer then it will not appear in MapInfo Professional's recently used file list. However, we have two more ways to access recently used files. 

Another way... 

Here is a method that has been known to escape some people's attention. The dialog boxes used for Opening tables and files have their own list of recently used files. You can see this as a dropdown list in the file name field. 

A separate list is maintained for each file type, so there is a list of files for MapInfo table files, workspaces, MapBasic applications and so on. 

This is a screen shot from Windows 7. This will also work with Windows XP. 

And one more way..

Finally, Microsoft Windows® provides a quick way to access to your recently used folders (in Windows 7) or documents and folders (in Windows XP). These capabilities are supported in MapInfo Professional.

In the MapInfo Professional Open dialog boxes (see below) you need to change from "MapInfo Places" to "Standard Places". The next step depends on your operating system. In Windows 7, click on "Standard Places". In Windows XP, click on "My Recent Documents". 

This is a Windows 7 screen shot. In Windows XP, instead of "Recent Places" the option is called "My Recent Documents". 

Article by Peter Møller, Senior Systems Engineer, Nordics Region

When not helping Pitney Bowes Software customers get the most from their solutions, Peter enjoys fine whisky, cigars and the occasional bit of MapBasic programming.