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Rummaging in the Toolbox: The new Command Editor (for the 64 bit version)

Toolbox This article pertains to the 64 bit version of MapInfo Professional.

The MapInfo Pro v12.5.3 (and v12.5.4) patch includes an all new Command Editor tool in the Tool Manager. This tool allows you to customise the keyboard shortcuts for any command in the interface.

As with all the Tools, this is run from the Tool Manager. You can access this from the Window gallery and directly from the Home tab.

What can you do?

Using this tool it is possible to add keyboard shortcuts to menu commands and buttons that do not already have them. You can remove keyboard shortcuts that you do not need and if desired, reuse them on a different command.

Getting started

Upon running the tool a window appears with a list of all the commands in the MapInfo Pro interface. A handy Search box is available near the top of the window.

First dialog

Basic versus Advanced view

The window opens with the basic view by default. This only shows three columns. These are the CommandID column (which can be useful to you MapBasic programmers out there), the Command column and the KeyGesture column.

If you click on the Advanced button (bottom right) the number of columns expands. The expanded view provides more information and enables you to edit the menu item text, tool tip descriptions and more.

How to make edits

Changing keyboard shortcuts is easy. First, click on the command you wish to edit.

Edit Advanced
In the screen shot above, the Close Table command has been clicked on and is ready to be edited.

In the screen shot above, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C has been assigned to the Close Table command.

When finished, click the Update button. You will be prompted to restart MapInfo Pro.

Do's and don'ts
  • Made mistakes? Don't worry, you can click the Restore to Defaults button. You will need to restart MapInfo Pro.
  • You cannot repeat a keyboard shortcut, if you do so the command will be highlighted in red.
  • In addition to the above, any invalid command will be highlighted in red.
  • You can use the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys to define shortcuts. You can use them singly or in pairs.
  • You cannot use single letters. You must always use Ctrl, Alt or Shift with another character.
    (We will take a look at changing this in a future release!)
  • You cannot use the Windows key.
  • You can assign/reassign the Function keys (F1 to F12).
  • F6 and F12 are currently unused by MapInfo Pro.
  • You can assign keyboard shortcuts to tool buttons, such as the Zoom In tool. Note that when you hit the keyboard combination the mouse cursor does not change until the mouse is moved.
    (As your Product Manager, I will also look into this!)
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Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

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