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MapHero Contest Winners

64 bit We are pleased to announce the three winners of the MapHero contest. To recap the contest, we set up three categories for entrants. There were "Map for Fun", "Map for Good" and "Map Visualisation". The first part of the contest was a popular vote. From the top vote getters, our judging panel, consisting of four Pitney Bowes employees from around the world (USA, Netherlands and Australia), chose the winning entry.

Without further pre-amble here are the three winners:

Map for Fun:
Brendan Stone | Bath, UK
Description: I gathered around 1000 crowd sourced GPS running routes from MapMyRun.com and plotted them together to form this map of Bath, UK.

Map for fun

Map for Good: 
Gurjit Dalai | Birmingham, UK
Description: The aim of this map was to identify the home addresses of people who did not attend their appointments at Good Hope hospital whilst citing accessibility as an issue so that we could identify barriers and gaps in the public transport network.

Map for good

Map Visualization: 
Trevor Foster | Bristol, UK
Description: Accessibility to nearest hospital of any type (A&E, community, acute etc). Produced using MapInfo Professional and RouteFinder using OS Meridian2, Miso HealthMap and ONS population data. http://www.healthgis.nhs.uk/maphero.png © Crown copyright and database right 2014 

Map Visualisation

A big thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!