MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - June Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
June 2012 Volume 1, Issue 3
Hello MapInfo Professional Users
Tom I would like to extend a special welcome to our customers in North America who recently signed up. I realise that this issue is appearing very quickly after your invite.

Just to clarify, this journal is published monthly so you will see the next issue in early July. We also inadvertently sent this invite to a few of you who are already subscribed, (we'll at least one of you who got in touch with me!). My apologies for any confusion. We'll try to do better in the future.

Looking ahead, MapInfo Professional v11.5 is scheduled to be released later this month. Next month's issue will contain tips on using some of the new capabilities in this release.

Tom Probert, Editor

The competition winners! 

In the previous issue we offered up a prize for the best tip sent in by a reader. Thanks go to Kevin Ryan from North Tipperary County Council in Ireland. Kevin has won one of the two iPod Nanos. You can see Kevin's tip in an article below.

For everyone who sent in a tip, we also offered a second iPod Nano to a randomly chosen person. This was won by Bill Thoen, owner of GISnet. Some of you may recognise this name as Bill is a prolific contributor to the mapinfo-l discussion list.

And something that might appeal to the more "hard core" users out there - in case you are wondering, I did use a MapBasic programme with the RND() function to choose the random winner. 

Easy tip - Three ways to access recently used files 

Today's quick tip is something to help you quickly re-open MapInfo tables (or perhaps other files). If you are not aware of these tricks, we think you will find this info very handy!  

File > Recent Files. Click here to read more. 

Something a bit more advanced ... Conditional labelling with MapInfo Professional 

MapInfo Professional does not provide a direct way to label just those records that meet a certain condition. A commonly used workaround is to create a subset, but there is another way. 

Click here to read more.

Customer Tip! Export MapInfo Professional Maps to Google Earth By Kevin Ryan 

Editor's note: This tip was the judges winner in the competition annoucned in the previous issue. Thanks to Kevin for an excellent article. 

The following is a demonstration of how MapInfo Professional can create and send output seamlessly to Google Earth.

Click here to read more.

Upcoming Web Seminars and Events.

The list this month includes events in the USA, UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany.

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Bad Geography joke

Why did the Cartographer put a band-aid on the map?

MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v11.0.3- December 2011

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v11.0.4- March 2012
- MI Pro v11.5- June 2012
- MI Pro v11.5.1- September 2012

Super Quick Keyboard Tip!

In a Map window, pressing the letter "c" on the keyboard brings up a full window cross-hair cursor.


Featured Link: Product documentation

Click here for a link to the MI Pro docs on our Web site.

Answer for the Geography Joke

Because it had a bleeding edge.

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