MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - December Issue  
  Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
December 2016 Volume 5, Issue 5
Important reminder for that time of year!
Tom Hello MapInfo Pro users,

Yes, we are into the holiday season but the reminder I want to give is MapInfo Pro related. The access to the Bing® mapping services will expire for MapInfo Pro v15.0/15.2 (and earlier versions) as of 1st January 2017.
If you keep your MapInfo Pro licenses on maintenance then you are entitled to keep using the Bing maps. One way to do this is to install MapInfo Pro v16.0. For those who cannot install quickly due to IT department procedures and for those of you on localised versions, we have a method to extend the Bing access without needing to install v16.0. We have sent notifications to our customers on maintenance but sometimes our contact person is not you, the MapInfo Pro user. If you are on maintenance and have not received this notification please get in touch with your contact at Pitney Bowes or with your Reseller Partner. If you need a contact you can look here or feel free to e-mail me directly ( and I will put you in touch with the right people.

In this issue we have a nice article on using different colors for labels, an article on creating Natural Neighbor grids in MapInfo Pro Advanced, a link to a session on use cases for point of interest (POI) data, a list of resources to help you use the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro, and more.

Thanks and good mapping!

Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager

P.S. Please be sure to tell a friend about this journal. Forward it on to any MapInfo Pro users that you know.
Easy Tip: Using different color labels in a layer
EZ In this article Piyush Mahajan shows how to vary the color of labels according to underlying data (using a query). This excellent article puts together a few useful techniques for using MapInfo Pro.

Click here to read on!
Reminder: Bing mapping expires at the end of the year!
MapInfo Pro It is that time of year again! Bing mapping access will stop for MapInfo Pro v15.0/15.2 as of 1st January, 2017. One way to keep running is to install MapInfo Pro v16.0. For those who wish to continue to use Bing with earlier versions, click here to learn what to do...
MapInfo Pro v15.0.1 patch release available
MapInfo Pro A patch release for MapInfo Pro v15.0 is available for download. This is for the 32 bit release. In MapInfo Pro, click on Help > Check for Updates or click here. This release fixes a number of issues in the software. Release notes, with details, are included.
Resources to help you get the most from MapInfo Pro
64 Bit If you are just getting started with using the new ribbon interface in MapInfo Pro, we have a lot of help for you. This includes videos, a command reference, slide decks and a list of relevent articles from this journal.

Start exploring here.
The Data Aspect: Four Use Cases for using Geo-enriched Point-of Interest data
64 Bit This is a web seminar recording that covers how to use a rich point-of-interest dataset in retail (site and competitive analysis), government (zoning, economic forecasting, regulatory activities), telecommunications (network investment decisions) and insurance (risk analysis).
Get on the Grid: Natural Neighbor interpolation
Get on the Grid MapInfo Pro Advanced v16.0 adds both Natural Neighbor and Nearest Neighbor interpolation methods for creating grids. In this article, Kriti Kohli takes provides background information and information on how to take advantage of this.
Dig into Discover 64 bit: A detailed exploration
Dig into Discover Did you catch the pun in that title? Here is a 55 minute video that provides the ins and outs on using the 64 bit version of MapInfo Discover.

Click here to check it out.
Featured Link: MapInfo Pro v16.0 free trial
Featured Link If you haven’t seen MapInfo Pro v16.0, you don’t know what you are missing.

Here is a link to download the free trial.
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Bad Geography Joke

Q: What do you call Santa living at the South Pole?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v15.0.1 patch
- MI Pro v15.2.4 patch
- MI Pro v16.0

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v16.0.1 patch (Jan 2016)
Super Quick Mouse Tip:

Right click on the Map name in Layer Control to access Map Options.
Super Quick Keyboard Tip:

Ctrl+R to enter Reshape mode.
Super Quick Keyboard Tip
(64 bit):

Ctrl+Shift+A to Add a Workspace.
Answer for the Bad Geography joke

A lost Clause.
Useful Links

Need help from our experts?

MapInfo Pro v16.0 free trial (includes MapInfo Pro Advanced)

Links to lots of MapInfo Pro resources
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