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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
December 2015 Volume 4, Issue 6
Wrapping up a big year...
In the January 2015 issue, I mentioned that 2015 was going to be a big year. To recap, we released MapInfo Pro v15.0 (including all the local language versions), an epic v15.2 release, a very powerful MapInfo Pro Advanced offering and to finish it all off, we've just released our brand new 64 bit version of MapInfo Discover!
We are also wrapping up the year with the biggest issue of this journal yet published.

Of course, the work isn't done! Starting in February we will be releasing localised versions of MapInfo Pro v15.2. And this includes offering localised versions of MapInfo Pro Advanced. These extremely powerful raster grid analysis capabilities will be available in more languages than any previous MapInfo Pro extension ever produced.

This issue features two articles related to the support for Multi-spectral imagery in MapInfo Pro Advanced. In one article well show you a free source of up-to-date global satellite imagery that you can download. In a second article, some of the basics on how to work with the different image bands is covered. Owen Parfrey, the leader of the engineering team that brought you MapInfo Pro Advanced, shares his extensive expertise in these articles.

But if imagery isn't your cup of tea, there is plenty of other stuff to check out. For those new to MapInfo Pro, the Easy Tip this month shows how to add annotations to your map. Reaching into the Toolbox we're covering how to add columns containing coordinates to your table.

Last, but definitely not least, Alex Zdziarski, the Technical Product Manager for MapInfo Discover has contributed two articles on the brand new 64 bit MapInfo Discover release.

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Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
Easy Tip: Simple map annotation - how to add circles, text and other highlights to your map
EZ MapInfo Pro provides a special Cosmetic Layer that you can use to draw simple annotations on your map. Want to draw a circle or polygon to highlight an area? Or type some of your own text on the map?

If this sounds useful, check out this article.
Reminder: Bing access expires on Dec 31st for MapInfo Pro v12.5
MapInfo Pro Bing access will expire on Dec 31st for MapInfo Pro v12.5. To continue to access Bing you can upgrade to v15.0 or v15.2. Customers entitled to v15.0/15.2 should already have been contacted via e-mail with a method to extend Bing usage.
This facility is provided in case you cannot get MapInfo Pro upgraded before the end of the year. If you have not been contacted please get in touch with your Pitney Bowes contact or your Value Added Reseller/Partner.
Rummaging in the Toolbox: Add coordinates to your table (Coordinate Extractor)
toolbox The Coordinate Extractor is one of the most commonly used tools in the Tool Manager. What's more is that it is now also available from the Tool Manager in v15.2.

Click here to learn how to use it.
How to download Landsat 8 imagery data
Lansat The United States Geological Survey (USGS) operates the Landsat 8 satellite and the data it collects is available to download for free. This article shows how to obtain data from the USGS site. Once you've done this, then check out the next article to see what you can do with the data in MapInfo Pro Advanced!
Get on the Grid: Working with multispectral data in MapInfo Pro Advanced
Lansat MapInfo Pro Advanced provides support for multispectral images.

This article will show how to display multispectral data in different ways.
What is in MapInfo Pro Advanced versus the "standard" MapInfo Pro?
Lansat Some of the new functionality developed for MapInfo Pro Advanced is available to all MapInfo Pro v15.2 users.

This article provides the details, including the sharing of data created with MapInfo Pro Advanced with other MapInfo Pro users.
For some holiday cheer, MapInfo Discover 64-bit is here!
Xmas The new MapInfo Discover Bundle not only delivers the massive advances of MapInfo Pro 64-bit to our geosciences users, it also incorporates our cutting-edge MapInfo Pro Advanced technology.

Click here to learn more...
Tips and Tricks for working in MapInfo Discover 64-bit
Xmas Here are our top Tips & Tricks for MapInfo Discover users to make the most of the new 64-bit version and its capabilities.
Featured Link: Check out our Community Downloads site
Featured Link Get free tools and utilities for MapInfo Pro! This is a Community site for all of you to benefit from. And in the spirt of the holiday season, if you have something to share, why not post it?

Click here to take a look!
Please take our short survey
Survey Every so often I take the pulse of the user community with a short survey. In this survey I am asking about operating systems and databases. There are only nine questions and it will only take a couple minutes to fill in.
Please click here to take the survey. Thanks to those of you who have already responded.
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Tom Probert, Editor and MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
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Bad Geography joke

Knock, knock. Who's there?
Wendy who?
Wendy river bends we call it meander.
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v15.0 (32 bit release)
- MI Pro v15.2 (64 bit release)

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v15.2.1 patch (Dec or Jan 2016)
- MI Pro v15.2.2 patch (Feb 2016)
- Next MI Pro feature release (Aug 2016)
Localisation schedule for v15.2

See article for schedule!
Version 15.0 (32 bit) Localised Releases

Sept 2015

Oct 2015

Nov 2015
Brazilian Portuguese
Super Quick Keyboard Tip
(64 bit versions):

In Layer Control, F2 renames a map window.
Super Quick Mouse Tip:

In Layout Designer, right click a frame to access the Frame Properties.
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MapInfo Pro v15.2 free trial (includes MapInfo Pro Advanced)

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MapInfo Pro Advanced FAQ
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