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MapInfo Professional v12.0 - Licensing and Activation Improvements!

64 bit When you activate MapInfo Professional, the activation request goes to our license server. This license server has been upgraded and it brings our customers some useful benefits. This article discusses these improvements. There are benefits for those using node locked licenses and to those using the License Server Utility (LSU).

Node locked licenses: Reactivating MapInfo Professional on the same computer system

Let's say you have MapInfo Professional on your computer and for some reason you have to reinstall the software. This could be because a failure required the reinstallation of windows or for some other reason. Let's also say that the MapInfo Professional license was not returned to the license server. The good news with MapInfo Professional v12.0 is that as long as you are installing on to the same computer the license server can recognise that your system already had a license and it will provide an activation for your computer without decrementing the license count for your organisation. To put this another way, if your computer already had a license to run MI Pro it will not consume another license when you activate on that same machine again.

"Broken license" problem resolved

In the past we have had sporadic and difficult to reproduce issues where a MapInfo Professional user would start up the software and for no apparent reason, receive a message that MapInfo Professional would not run due to not having a license. The improvements we have made are expected to have solved this problem.

New options file for the License Server utility

This pertains to those organisations using concurrent use or distributed licenses.

The License Server Utility is a small server tool that is used to manage concurrent use and distributed licenses of MapInfo Professional. The latest version of the License Server utility (version 4.2) includes a new Options file. The Options file is a text file that allows the license administrator to control various parameters, such as user access control for the licenses held on the server. The parameters that can be controlled are as follows:
  • Deny or allow a user access to any product managed by the License Server Utility
  • Prevent or allow a user from borrowing any license or licenses with a specific entitlement ID
  • Allow a user to use a specific product
  • Set usage limitations on a particular product
  • Reserve a license for a particular user
For information on how to modify the options file, click here to see the License Server Utility release notes on our Web site.

And...the road ahead...

We expect to be able to make additional improvements to the license activation capabilities in MapInfo Professional. One item under consideration on the road map is improvements to the Distributed license capability. It is too early to share details on this now but we will include coverage on this at an appropriate time in the coming months.

Don't have MapInfo Professional v12.0? If you do not have MapInfo Professional v12.0 and would like to try it, visit our Web site here: http://www.mapinfo.com/product/mapinfo-professional/

The MapInfo Professional v12 free trial is currently available for download in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian and Japanese. More languages are coming soon.

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional", Tom enjoys talking to MapInfo Professional users at conferences and events. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.