MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - January Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
December 2013 Volume 2, Issue 8
Something for Everyone
tom We've got a jam packed issue this month!

For beginners Piyush Trika explains the basics of labeling and for all you would be Query Ninjas, we have another contribution from Peter Moeller.

There are some news items as well. We have announced our intention to drop support for Windows XP in MapInfo Professional version 12.5 (due out next year) and this issue also has our annual reminder that Bing access will expire. Also check out the new downloadable global data catalog and the free UK Expenditure Guide. As always, please forward this issue on to any MapInfo Professional Users who might benefit from learning more about the software!

Tom Probert, MapInfo Professional Global Product Manager

Easy Tip! The Basics of Labeling
EZ Another article for new users, Piyush Trika covers the basics of labeling your maps in MapInfo Professional.

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No Windows XP support in MapInfo Professional v12.5

Starting with MapInfo Professional v12.5, due out next year, we will no longer support Windows XP. For more information click here to read the letter we recently sent out to customers.

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Be the Query Ninja - Comparing Spatial Objects
Developer Dojo

This is a link to a blog post by the incomparable Peter Moeller. Peter explores techniques to compare spatial objects using the SQL capabilities of MapInfo Professional.

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More enhancements in MapInfo Professional v12.0!
MI Pro Raster

Over the past six months we have written many articles on what is new in MapInfo Professional v12.0 and we still have lots more to cover. This article covers the improvements made to MapInfo Professional's database connectivity, the native file format, Layer Control and more.

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Bing Mapping expiry and FAQ
Featured Link Access to the Bing mapping services in MapInfo Professional v11.5 will end as of January 1st 2014. For more information and for answers to some frequently asked questions about using the Bing mapping services in MapInfo Professional, read on!

UK Retail Expenditure Guide

For those of you interested in UK Retail Expenditure data a new guide has just been published. Click here to download it.

Featured Link! New Case Study Library on


Check out customer stories in our new easy to search.

Case Study Library.


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Bad Geography joke

Why was the map gesturing wildly?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.0 June 2013
- MI Pro v12.0.1 July 2013 (for    Windows 8 users only)
- MI Pro v12.0.2 September 2013

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v12.0.3 December 2013
- MI Pro v12.5 June 2014
Version 12 Localised Releases

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

Super Quick Keyboard Tips:

Use Ctrl+F8 to quickly choose a Region style

Useful Links

New downloadable Global Data Catalog

UK Retail Expenditure Guide

New Case Study Library

Answer for the bad geography joke

It was an animated map!

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