MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - January Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
January 2016 Volume 4, Issue 7
New Year’s resolution: Get on the Grid in 2016
Happy New Year everyone!

Over the past few months you may have noticed a few articles on raster grid capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced.
Raster data is becoming ever more available due to the many new and improved sources of data coming online. This includes small format satellites (“small sats“ or “cube sats”), the burgeoning drone industry and other forms of sensors finding their way on vehicles, atop street lamps and just about anywhere you can imagine. And let’s not forget the traditional satellite and aerial imagery providers who are taking full advantage of all the technological innovations happening in this space. Add that all up and there is a lot of opportunity for GIS and Location Intelligence experts to do new things and achieve more.

A recommendation I’d make to every MapInfo Pro user is to take a look at what raster and grid based GIS might do for you. I occasionally hear people say “I don’t need that data” or “my organisation isn’t that sophisticated”. I don’t often express opinions here but I will now. I really think you need to take another look. Software capabilities are changing, data availability is changing and the art of the possible is rapidly involving. You might do great new things or in the worst case scenario, you could get left behind.

To that end we have written a number of articles to help. Here are two from previous issues. First is a basic primer on the concepts of raster grid GIS. And the second explains the capabilities available to all users of MapInfo Pro v15.2 versus what is in the Advanced version. New in this issue is an excellent article from Esther Kasinithan on how to use the Grid Calculator.

The Easy tip this month is a handy tip for setting default views in a Browser window. In the “Something a bit more Advanced” section, Eric Robinson, Principle UX Engineer shares advice on running MapInfo Pro on Apple Mac computers. We also explore how to perform a “traveling sales person” calculation with MapInfo RouteFinder and finally, you’ll find links to short web seminars related to Location Intelligence and data as used in the telecom, financial services and insurance industries.

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Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager
Easy Tip: Save a default view in a Browser window
EZ If you are always removing columns from a Browser window, this time saving tip will show you how to save the desired columns as a default view.

Click here to see how it’s done.
Something a bit more Advanced: Running MapInfo Pro on a Mac
EZ Eric Robinson is a member of the User Experience team here at Pitney Bowes. He runs MapInfo Pro on a Mac and shares his experience so you can too.

Click here to learn more.
The Data Aspect: Location Intelligence in Wireless Telecommunications
MapInfo Pro Click here to view a 29 minute web seminar that covers how Location Intelligence supports customer insight, location based marketing and network planning activities in a wireless telecom company.
Presented by the Andy Bell, Director of Global Data Product Management and Sue Disy, Principal Solutions Engineer.
Get on the Grid: Using the Grid Calculator
Lansat MapInfo Pro Advanced sports a very powerful grid calculator. This allows for performing a variety of calculations (think map algebra) on your raster data. Esther Kasinithan has written an excellent article to introduce you to this essential capability.
Finding Your Way with MapInfo RouteFinder: Traveling Salesperson
Lansat MapInfo RouteFinder can optimise a route amongst a number of stops, visits or deliveries.

Check out this article to see how it’s done!
Featured Link: MapInfo Pro v15.2.1 patch
Featured Link This is a patch release for MapInfo Pro v15.2. The release notes contain details on issues that have been addressed. It applies to both MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Pro Advanced.
What is in MapInfo Pro Advanced versus the "standard" MapInfo Pro?
Lansat Some of the new functionality developed for MapInfo Pro Advanced is available to all MapInfo Pro v15.2 users.

This article provides the details, including the sharing of data created with MapInfo Pro Advanced with other MapInfo Pro users.
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Bad Geography joke

Why did the innocent map go to jail?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v15.0 (32 bit release)
- MI Pro v15.2 (64 bit release)
- MI Pro v15.2.1 patch

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v15.2.2 patch (Feb 2016)
- Next MI Pro feature release (Aug 2016)
Localisation schedule for v15.2

See article for schedule!
Version 15.0 (32 bit) Localised Releases

Sept 2015

Oct 2015

Nov 2015
Brazilian Portuguese
Super Quick Keyboard Tip:

64 bit: Access Layer Control with Ctrl+Shift+L.

32 bit: Access Layer Control with Ctrl+L.
Answer for the bad geography joke:

Because it was framed by the neatline!
Useful Links

Need help from our experts?

MapInfo Pro v15.2 free trial (includes MapInfo Pro Advanced)

Links to lots of MapInfo Pro resources

Web seminar: Location Intelligence in Financial Services and Retail

Web seminar: Location Intelligence in Insurance
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