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Get on the Grid: Start your free trial of MapInfo Pro Advanced

raster MapInfo Pro Advanced is an add-on to MapInfo Pro that provides next generation raster grid creation, visualisation and analysis capabilities. It is a replacement for our Vertical Mapper and Engage 3D product lines.

Everyone who has installed MapInfo Pro v15.2 has the ability to activate a 30 day trial of MapInfo Pro Advanced.

six examples
Examples of how raster grid GIS can be used.

Background info

If you are not familiar with the concepts and applications of raster grid GIS, this article provides an overview. Click here.

This article provides an overview of the capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced. Click here.

Starting your 30 day trial (with version 15.2 installed)

If you have MapInfo Pro v15.2 installed, starting your trial is very easy.

First, click on the Pro tab. (this is also referred to as the Backstage area).

Pro tab

The Backstage area appears. Click on the Licensing tab (see below). Towards the bottom you fill find the option to begin your free 30 day trial of MapInfo Pro Advanced.

Backstage Manage licenses 01

All of the above requires that you have MapInfo Pro v15.2 installed. If you do not, there is a free trial you can download. See the following...

Don't have MapInfo Pro v15.2?

If not, a free trial is available. The free trial includes the Advanced version.

Links to MapInfo Pro free trials in a number of languages can be found here: http://web.pb.com/mapinfopro-archive/resources

Getting started with MapInfo Pro Advanced

Now that you've begun your free trial, here are some resources to help you get started.

For a list of articles on MapInfo Pro Advanced, check out the archive here: http://web.pb.com/mapinfopro-archive/get-on-the-grid/

We also have some video tutorials which may be helpful. Click here to see the playlist.

Need some grid data to try?

MapInfo Pro Raster supports a wide variety of grid formats. If you don't have any data to hand and wish to give the software a try, we have posted a couple small grid files in the Community Downloads site. Click here to download these.

What about MapInfo Discover?

A 64 bit version of MapInfo Discover is now available too! It takes advantage of the same grid engine as used in MapInfo Pro Advanced. For more info, here is a link to an article with an overview.

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Pro" journal
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