MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - January Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
January 2014 Volume 2, Issue 9
2014 is going to be a big year!
Survey We here at Pitney Bowes Software are gearing up for a big year in 2014. For one thing, you can look forward to us covering the transformational improvements we are making to MapInfo Professional.

In case you had not heard, an increased investment in the software was started in January 2013. MapInfo Professional users will start benefiting from these developments later this year. Look for coverage in future issues.

To better understand and better serve all of you, we like to run short surveys and are kicking off the year with a new one. Click here to answer this 10 question survey!

Of course, we’ll continue to bring you tips, tricks, techniques and advice as well. In that vein this issue includes an Easy Tip on saving mouse clicks with Directory Preferences. For Something a Bit More Advanced, Anika Claire covers techniques for labeling with more than one column at a time and using other expressions. Licensing is a boring but necessary topic and in our continuing coverage of what’s new in MapInfo Professional v12.0 we have a short article on the licensing related improvements. Finally we offer some handy tips on using MapInfo Professional’s Tool Manager.

As always, please forward this issue on to any MapInfo Professional Users who might benefit from learning more about the software!

Tom Probert, MapInfo Professional Global Product Manager

Easy Tip! Save mouse clicks with Directory Preferences
EZ A mouse click is a terrible thing to waste. If you are constantly navigating to some commonly used folders and you don’t know about the Directory Preference settings in MapInfo Professional then you are going to love this article...
MapInfo Professional v12.0: Improvements to activation and licensing

Pitney Bowes Software has upgraded the license server that our customers use when activating MapInfo Professional. This brings a number of improvements, read on to learn more!

Something a bit more advanced: Using Expressions for Labeling

Anika Claire shares techniques for labeling with more than one column at a time as well as calculating expressions for your labels, such as population density.

Click here to learn more.

Rummaging in the Toolbox: Tips for Managing the Tool Manager
MI Pro Raster

In previous issues, we’ve covered a number of tools and utilities. This time we are covering some useful tips to help you get the most from the Tool Manager.

Click here to read on...

No Windows XP support in MapInfo Professional v12.5
Featured Link

Starting with MapInfo Professional v12.5, due out later this year, we will no longer support Windows XP. For more information click here to read the letter we recently sent out to customers.

Click here to see more...

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Bad Geography joke

How many Cartographers does it take to change a light bulb?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.0 June 2013
- MI Pro v12.0.2 September 2013
- MI Pro v12.0.3 December 2013

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v12.5 (32 bit Jun 2014)
- MI Pro v12.5 (64 bit Oct 2014)
Version 12 Localised Releases

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013
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Super Quick Keyboard Tips:

When drawing a polyline or region use the ‘N’ key for the AUTONODE option.

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