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UK 2011 Census Data-available for download

64 bit Those of you in the UK (or those of you who need to map the UK) might be interested to know that data from the 2011 UK census is available.

The 2011 Census data is available for free from the Office of National Statistics as part of the UK Open Government Licensing scheme. PB Software has taken this first release of the data, processed it into MapInfo format and made it available for download from our online store.

Visit our online store to download the data

Please note! Limited Dataset (for now)- England and Wales only

For the moment only a few variables are available and these for England and Wales only. More releases of data will become available at intervals throughout this year. The 2011 census represents the most comprehensive census ever taken in the UK and a large amount of data will eventually become available. Pitney Bowes Software will provide our customers with convenient ways to access and use this data.

By Scott Brookes, Services Delivery Manager - UK Strategy and Analytics

When not helping PB Software customers as part of our Strategy and Analytics team, Scott enjoys a good cycle challenge.