MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - November Issue  
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MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
November 2013 Volume 2, Issue 7
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Tom In June of this year we launched a whole new! I've been out and about at a few events and some of you have not checked it out yet! In particular the Resources and Support tabs might be where you want to start!

We've got articles in this issue on the improvements to the Scale bar in v12.0, an Easy Tip on copying and pasting map windows and Tony Maber rummaged in the Toolbox and dug up the Named Views tool.

As always, please forward this issue on to any MapInfo Professional Users who might benefit from learning more about the software!

Tom Probert, MapInfo Professional Global Product Manager

Easy Tip! Did you know you can copy and paste a Map window into other documents?
EZ This Easy Tip is about a quick way to get your map window out of MapInfo Professional and into other documents or presentations.

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Something a bit more Advanced: Improving your map appearance with Stacked Styles

TAnika Claire provides techniques to make your maps more impactful than ever! This article shows examples of using the Stacked Styles capability with points, lines and regions.

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"Rummaging in the Toolbox": The Named Views tool

Brought to you by Tony Maber from Down Under: If you require a consistent way to zoom your map to specific locations, such as to reproduce the same map across time, Check out the "Named Views" tool.

MapInfo Professional v12.0 Scale Bar improvements
Featured Link

Creating output is a major focus area for improvements in MapInfo Professional v12.0. In our continuing coverage on what is new in this release we cover the improvements to the Scale Bar.

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Don't miss the last of the Six Traits

6 traits

The last of the Six Traits Web seminars is taking place on November 21st.

You are invited to an educational web seminar series where you can learn the Six Traits that will help you to be a more efficient GIS professional and deliver even greater value to your organisation. Check out the site to see what the Six Traits are and to register for the next Web seminar!

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Bad Geography joke

Why didn't the map have any meridiens?
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- MI Pro v12.0.3 December 2013
- MI Pro v12.5 June 2014
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Answer for the bad geography joke

Because it was a map of a parallel universe!

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