Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
Notice: Bing® Mapping expiry and FAQ

64 bit For those of you using the Microsoft Bing® Mapping capabilities with MapInfo Professional v11.5, please note that your access to these services will turn off after December 31st 2013. This impacts customers using the standard Bing services or the Premium Services.

One way to continue using the Bing services is to upgrade to MapInfo Professional v12.0. Customers who are not on maintenance will need to upgrade to the latest version of MapInfo Professional.

What if I am on maintenance but need to keep using MapInfo Professional v11.5 after December 31st 2013?

We recognise that sometimes our customers are unable to upgrade MapInfo Professional before the new year and thus would lose access to the Bing services. There is a way for customers to continue to use the Bing services on MI Pro v11.5. We have sent a notice to our customers on maintenance with instructions on how to do this.

If you did not receive this e-mail from us and if you are on a valid maintenance contract please contact your Account Representative or your Channel Partner.

Why do I have to be on maintenance to continue using the Bing Mapping Services?

Pitney Bowes Software has put in place a policy of requiring customers to keep their MapInfo Professional software licenses on maintenance in order to continue using the Bing mapping services. The reason we have done is because we do pay Microsoft a license fee on behalf of all of our customers who wish to take advantage of the Bing mapping.

Are there restrictions as to how I can use the Bing mapping services in MapInfo Professional?

Yes, there are terms and conditions associated with using the Bing mapping capabilities. A link to these can be found in the MapInfo Professional Help menu and on our Web site here.

The link above also references Microsoft's standard Bing mapping terms of use, which also apply.

What is the difference between the standard Bing Services and the Premium Services?

The standard service that is included with a MapInfo Professional maintenance contract includes access to the Bing Aerial and Bing Hybrid map services. The Premium Service additionally includes access to the Bing Roads layer as well as a handy "Move Map To" feature. The Move Map to feature allows you to type in a location and zoom the map to that location. The Bing worldwide gazetteer powers this capability. More information can be found on mapinfo.com. Click here.