MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - November Issue  
  Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
November 2012 Volume 1, Issue 8
Hello MapInfo Professional Users 
Tom Welcome to the November 2012 issue of "The MapInfo Professional Journal". This month we have a new contributor. MapInfo Professional veteran Sue Disy has penned a great article on using the Grid Maker tool. Sue's article not only covers the basics on how to create a grid but also how to aggregate data into the grid and thematically map it. This has many potential uses so be sure to check it out!

We've also got two easy tips and another instalment of "Be the Query Ninja".

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Tom Probert, EMEA Product Marketing Manager

Two Easy Tips! Changing the title of a map window and recovering windows that are off the screen

This month its two easy tips, one tip is something new in MapInfo Professional v11.5 while the second pertains to older versions of the software. 

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Be the Query Ninja! Deriving/calculating new columns of data using functions

In the July 2012 issue we introduced the concept of calculating new columns of information from your existing data. In this month's instalment we will extend this capability to use functions. 

Read on to learn how to calculate area, population density and more from your data.

Rummaging in the Tool box: Displaying Data in Grids with the Grid Maker tool

In this article, Sue Disy, Senior Sales Engineer, demonstrates how to create a grid of squares on a map and to color code (i.e. thematically map) the grid based on the number of points within each grid cell!

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Bad Geography joke

What do you get when you cross a cowboy with a map maker?

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Answer to the Bad Geography Joke

A cowtographer

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