MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - July Issue  
  Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
July 2014 Volume 3, Issue 3
MapHeroes and MapInfo Professional v12.5! 
Survey Hello everyone! The big news is that the 32 bit MapInfo Professional v12.5 has gone to production. You can download the 30 day trial by clicking here. We provided an overview in the issue last month. Now it is time to start digging into some detail. You will find an article on the new Layout Designer below as well as additional information.

I really need to extend a big thank you to the MapInfo Professional Engineering Team. They have really pulled together to deliver the release. Their work isn't done yet as they are still hard at work on the 64 bit version which is scheduled for October.

We have also announced the winners of the MapHero contest. To see the winning maps, check out the article below.

The MapInfo 2014 Tour marches on. For those of you in Australia be sure to check out the dates for the forums this year

Also, just a quick note that we will take our annual break from publishing the journal in August and will resume with our next issue in early September.

Tom Probert, MapInfo Professional Global Product Manager 

MapHero contest winners

The winners of the MapHero contest have been announced. You can see the winning maps here .A big thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!

Easy Tip – Select what isn't selected

Analysing what is near a location is one thing but do you ever want to take a look at what is not near? This is pretty much as easy as it gets...and very useful. Check out the Invert Selection button!

Click here to learn more...

MapInfo Professional v12.5: New Layout Designer

One of the key improvements in MapInfo Professional v12.5 is the all new Layout Designer. Amongst many other changes this includes the ability to work with both your Map and Browser windows directly on the Layout page.

Click here to read on.

Be the Query Ninja: Sub-selecting part 5-using the Buffer() function
Developer Dojo

We've covered the basics and a number of ways to automate some of the selecting you might otherwise have to do with the selecting tools. Next we will use the Buffer() function to expand your knowledge even further.

Click here to learn more!

Rummaging in the Toolbox 
Featured Link Here is a link to a very useful tool from the Community Downloads site. Mask, created by our very own Egge-Jan Polle, allows you to create a translucent mask around one or more region objects. A nice effect for sharing maps!

For more information and to download the tool click here

MapInfo Professional v12.5 localisation schedule
MI Pro v12.5

We are hard at work on localising MapInfo Professional v12.5.

Here is a link to the current schedule.

MapInfo Professional v12.5 free trial download!!
MI Pro v12.5 The free trial download of the 32 bit version of MapInfo Professional is available from our Web site here.
See you in September!

As many of the contributors to this journal are in the Northern hemisphere and take vacations in July or August, the next issue will be out in early September. If you keep an eye on our LinkedIn Group you might get an early look at some of the articles for September!
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Bad Geography joke

Knock, knock, who's there?
Amsterdam who?
Amsterdam tired of all these bad geography jokes.

MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v12.5 32 bit (June 2014)

- MI Pro v12.0.3 (Dec 2013)

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v12.5 64 bit (Oct 2014)

- MI Pro v12.5.1 patch (Dec 2014)

Version 12 Localised Releases    

See article for schedule!

Super Quick Keyboard Tips:

Use F8 to bring up the Text Style dialog box.

Useful Links

MapInfo Forums Australia

MapInfo Professional v12.5 free trial download

The MapInfo Tour 2014!

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