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Something a bit more advanced: Automatic region creation with the Combine Objects using Column command

Andy Combine Objects Using Column allows you to modify geographic data to create new map objects that combine data from the original objects. For example, we may have a sales force allocated to various postcode areas and also keep a record of the value of sales generated from each of these areas.


If we wanted to generate the territory of each member of our sales team, rather than base it on postcodes we can do this using MapInfo's Combine Objects Using Column function.


First, select the table containing the objects you want to combine. In this example it is the table called Postcodes. Then select the column you wish to base your new objects upon, in this case the sales representatives. We will also create a new table to store our new geographic areas.


Creating a new table is important as we do not want to change or edit our original table of postal regions.

To simplify our new table we just want our sales representative and the sales that they achieve - so we can delete all of the other columns. We can then save the new table with an appropriate name.


Finally to create the new table we can carry out some data aggregation. In our example we want the sales representative name captured for each territory, select "value" and the column salesrep, this will copy the value from our original table into our new one. With regards to the total sales value for each territory we can obtain this by selecting the sales column and the aggregator "sum". This will produce a total sales value for each of our new territories.


Our map now has the new geographic regions we created using the Combine Objects Using Column Function and we can see in the browser total sales for each territory.

Map data is StreetPro United Kingdom © TomTom BV

Article by Andy Millard, Pre Sales Engineer Eastern Europe and Russia

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional" journal, Andy enjoys working with the Eastern European partner community helping them solve their problems and stretching capabilities into new areas. Andy also enjoys putting himself through the mental torture that is Golf, playing in as many competitions as he can and relishing the cut and thrust of team golf. To wind down after a round he enjoys watching most sports especially Rugby and Ice Hockey.