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Everything You Need to Know

OK. There is a bit of hyperbole in that title… let’s narrow this down to resources related to helping you succeed with MapInfo Pro!

Consider this a “living document”. We will update it from time to time as good new stuff becomes available!

MapInfo Pro Web page and Free trial

Not using the latest version? Check out the MapInfo Pro web page to download a 30 day trial of the latest version of the software. A free trial is available in a number of different languages:

English web.pb.com/miprov-en
French web.pb.com/mipro-fr
German web.pb.com/mipro-de
Swedish web.pb.com/mipro-se
Danish web.pb.com/dk
Finnish web.pb.com/mipro-fi
Russian web.pb.com/mipro-ru
Italian web.pb.com/mipro-it
Spanish web.pb.com/mipro-sp

The MapInfo Pro Monthly journal

Looking for tips, tricks, advice and techniques for using MapInfo Pro? Subscribe to the “The MapInfo Pro” monthly journal. Each issue includes tips for different levels of users. Regular features include Easy Tips, Something a bit more Advanced, Be the Query Ninja, the Developer Dojo and more! Oh yeah, the editor includes a bad geography joke in each issue.

This is a free journal delivered via e-mail. Sign up here.

Video Tutorials

Check out our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/mapinfo for short form video tutorials. We also occasionally post recordings from longer format web seminars.

Summary presentation: "64 bits of MapInfo Pro"

This is an overview of the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro. It also includes info on MapInfo Pro Raster. Click here.

Community Download Site

The MapInfo Pro user community includes generous individuals who have taken the time to share MapBasic tools and utilities that might be helpful to all. Visit this site for free tools to make your work easier. Amongst the most popular tools are “MapInfo2Excel” (for sending data from MapInfo Pro to use in Excel), “Mask” a tool to make output look nice by applying a translucent mask around parts of your map and lots more. Click here to check out the site.

MapInfo LinkedIn Group

Join our online community! This group is associated with the MapInfo Pro journal mentioned above. Take advantage of the experts where you can ask questions and get the latest news. Click here to join.

For those of you using Discover there is also a dedicated group called “MapInfo and Discover Mapping Techniques”.

The “mapinfo-l” Google Group - This is a worldwide e-mail group including some of the most experienced users of MapInfo Pro that you will find anywhere! Check it out here.

Ideas Portal

Do you have a suggestion on how to improve MapInfo Pro, or one of our other products? The Ideas Portal is a central repository for suggestions. This is monitored by a number of us here at Pitney Bowes, including yours truly, the author of this article.

Click here to visit the Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal is also accessible from the Help menu in the 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro. Click the Send Product Improvement Suggestions command. In the 64-bit version, a Suggestions link is in the Pro tab (i.e. the Backstage area).

Search our Partner Locator for solutions or support near you

Pitney Bowes has a vibrant partner community around the globe. Our partners offer a broad set of dedicated solutions for a number of industries. They also offer training, consulting and support services to customers of MapInfo products.

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Product documentation

Documentation on all our products is available from our Web site here.

List of MapInfo User Groups

Click here to find out if a MapInfo User group is operating in your area!

Software Support Online Case Management

Click here for links to our online software support case management.

Need help from our experts?

The Pitney Bowes Professional Services Group provides training, consulting, application development, map production, data processing and other services. Click here for more info.

Article by Elliott Cox, Associate Product Manager

Elliot is the talent behind quite a few video tutorials for MapInfo Pro and also presents to customers at MapInfo events. When not helping our customers get the most from MapInfo Pro, Elliott likes to Ski, Raft and Camp with his family.
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