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MapInfo Professional version 11.5.4 is available

This is a patch release for MapInfo Professional v11.5. You can apply this patch to v11.5 or to any the previous patch releases.

The patch is available as a free download from our Web site. Click here

New in MapInfo Professional v11.5.4

As with all patch releases, we have fixed some issues in the software. For a detailed list, you can check out the release notes.

What happened to v11.5.3?

We had briefly made v11.5.3 available but pulled it and released v11.5.4 due to an issue related to queries in Workspaces. If you have v11.5.3 installed you should apply v11.5.4 immediately.

Integration with MapInfo Manager v1.3

MapInfo Professional v11.5.3 allows for the editing of the new metadata schemas newly introduced in MapInfo Manager v1.3.2. (This release of MapInfo Manager begins shipping in early April.)

What is MapInfo Manager?

This is a journal about MapInfo Professional but please allow me the opportunity to give a "plug" to one of our other products. MapInfo Manager is a tool that allows you to build a library of all of your spatial data. This library makes it easy for all who need data for their maps to find, understand and use the data.

For those familiar with the European Union INSPIRE directive, MapInfo Manager helps organisations to meet their INSPIRE requirements.

More information can be found on our Web site here.

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MapInfo Manager is very easy to use.

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

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