MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal - August Issue  
  Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Pro™ Monthly Journal
August 2016 Volume 5, Issue 3
Interactive Thematic Mapping preview!
Tom Hello Good People,

MapInfo Pro v16.0 is scheduled to be released in mid-September 2016. That means it’s about time to start giving all of you a preview. Version 16.0 will have something in it that I think many of you will really like.
Check out the article on Interactive Thematic Mapping to learn more.

For the Easy Tip article we show you where to find a list of shortcut keys in MapInfo Pro.

Speaking of our next release, there is a beta of MapInfo Pro v16.0 available now. There isn’t much time left but if you would like to participate, please e-mail me at

Last but not least, by the time you read this a patch release for MapInfo Pro v15.2 will be published. This will be MapInfo Pro v15.2.4. You can get it here.

Thanks and good mapping!

Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager

P.S. Please be sure to tell a friend about this journal. Forward it on to any MapInfo Pro users that you know.
Interactive Thematic Mapping in MapInfo Pro v16.0
64 Bit This article is a preview of things to come in MapInfo Pro v16.0. MapInfo Pro’s thematic mapping capabilities are getting a serious overhaul. If you create thematic maps you are not going to want to miss this!

Check it out here.
Easy Tip: Keyboard shortcuts!
EZ In each issue of this journal we share one or two keyboard shortcuts in the right hand side bar. Why not show you where you can find a good list?

Click here to find out more.
Dig into Discover 64 bit: A detailed exploration
Dig into Discover Did you catch the pun in that title? Here is a 55 minute video that provides the ins and outs on using the 64 bit version of MapInfo Discover.

Click here to check it out.
The Data Aspect: Jumpstart your Geospatial project with Global Data
64 Bit We are running a three part web seminar series focusing on achieving success with Location Intelligence and GIS in different industries. These sessions apply a particular focus on the steps needed beyond merely collecting data to get big returns.

Click here for more information and to register.
Featured Link: MapInfo Pro v15.2.4 patch
Featured Link We’ve released a patch for the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro (v15.2.x). It fixes a few issues related to using double-byte character set data in MapInfo Pro as well as a couple of other issues.

Click here to download the patch.
Get on the Grid: MapInfo Pro Advanced web seminar
Get on the Grid Elliot Cox goes through the ins and outs of MapInfo Pro Advanced in this well attended web seminar.

Watch the recording here!
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Bad MapInfo Joke

Why was there envy in the Layout?
MI Pro Releases

Most recent release:
- MI Pro v15.0 (32 bit release)
- MI Pro v15.2 (64 bit release)
- MI Pro v15.2.2 patch

Upcoming releases:
- MI Pro v15.2.4 patch (July 2016)
- MI Pro v15.0.1 patch (Q4 2016)
- MI Pro v16.0 (mid Sep 2016)
Localisation schedule for v15.2

See article for schedule!
Version 15.2 (64 bit) Localised Releases

Feb 2016

Mar 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016
Brazilian Portuguese

July 2016

All v15.0 localised releases are available.
Super Quick Keyboard Tip
(64 bit):

In Explorer window use Alt-M to jump to Maps section
Super Quick Keyboard Tip (all):

Ctrl+E to add a new row in a Browser
Answer for the bad MapInfo joke:

Because there were many nice frames but only one Legend.
Useful Links

Need help from our experts?

MapInfo Pro v15.2 free trial (includes MapInfo Pro Advanced)

Links to lots of MapInfo Pro resources
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